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  1. hclarkjr


    they must have pushed a fix out today as the problem is fixed for me now
  2. hclarkjr

    How many are getting EI since it includes

    looks like the rumors were true, i can now watch the spring training games.
  3. hclarkjr

    How many are getting EI since it includes

    i have paid for EI already, how do i activate MLB.TV so i can watch the spring training games which i believe you can with MLB.TV?
  4. hclarkjr

    2014 MLB EI reminder

    direct is accepting payments for the upcoming season for those that want to pay it early and get it cheaper. i got it for $177.94 today, saved $20. and there is no MLB.TV like is being rumored ( at least according to person i talked to today ).
  5. hclarkjr

    question about HR-44 500 power consumption

    thanx for the info
  6. hclarkjr

    question about HR-44 500 power consumption

    only things i am putting on it are my 55 inch tv, my onkyo reciever and the genie. the TV & reciever should be around 600 watts from what i have read in the manuals
  7. hclarkjr

    question about HR-44 500 power consumption

    i just bought a UPS to hook to my home stereo and am wondering what the power draw is on the genie HR44-500? thanx
  8. hclarkjr

    no sound this morning, what causes this????

    woke up this morning to no sound on any channel. i unplugged my whole home theater system for few minutes and all was well. what causes this?
  9. hclarkjr

    New Software for Genie out - 0x744

    i got it this morning, no issues for me.
  10. hclarkjr

    Multiple HD Channels out

    SNY out of new york is another, have to watch the marlins broadcasters!!! ughh!!!
  11. hclarkjr

    NFL Sunday Ticket 2013

    that sucks!!! good for you though. i might try and get max closer to start of season
  12. hclarkjr

    NFL Sunday Ticket 2013

    that is interesting, when i was on the phone with them i was told that the auto bill would not start till next month. call and complain
  13. hclarkjr

    NFL Sunday Ticket 2013

    i just called and got it for $184 for the standard sunday ticket. good enough for me
  14. hclarkjr

    new firware for HR44-500 genie, 0x6d8

    anybody else get this today?
  15. hclarkjr

    Do we get a whole new setup every two years?

    that is only if you have the protection plan, here is email i recieved concerning it - Dear HARRY, We heard your feedback and have added several great new improvements to the DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN as a result, including an equipment upgrade every two years at no additional cost beyond the...
  16. hclarkjr

    Will tonights KC BOS game be included in MLB EI

    no, the games on ESPN are exclusive to them
  17. hclarkjr

    HR34 vs. HR44

    is 0x696 the latest firmware?
  18. hclarkjr

    Thinking about signing up for directv from Comcast. Any advice

    i have comcast for internet and like them for that, they suck at TV though.
  19. hclarkjr

    HR34 vs. HR44

    installer just replaced my HR24-500 with a HR44-500, he said the pittsburgh division has been installing them for 2 weeks now
  20. hclarkjr

    getting genie, hoorraayy!!!

    wow, they showed up today and gave me a HR44 instead.
  21. hclarkjr

    getting genie, hoorraayy!!!

    couple months back i called and asked about getting one and how much it would cost. the CSR told me it would cost to much at that point but that there was an upcoming promotion for me starting in march. i called last friday to see about getting one and was told there was no promotion for me...
  22. hclarkjr

    Protection Plan

    i called direct yesterday trying to get the genie DVR and asked him about the new protection plan, he knew nothing about it and asked where i heard that at
  23. hclarkjr

    New customer offer - MLB & NFL for free!

    wow, would not budge. said i had to pay over $400 to get the new genie and would not offer any deals. said their were no promotions for me
  24. hclarkjr

    New customer offer - MLB & NFL for free!

    i am going to try, my contract is up in september. i am holding off calling for now till i get closer to end of contract
  25. hclarkjr

    How many days after bill cycle does the bill come out?

    it is there now, i am the same day as you. i get an email yesterday that shows the breakdown