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  1. shadyB

    What did Charlie Say?

    Cool. I see the one scheduled for the month of December on a Proton rocket in Kazakhstan. Who is the other launch with, and what do you mean it is not theirs. Sorry if it is something that I am missing.
  2. shadyB

    What did Charlie Say?

    Any more information on these satellite launches? Do we know what launch system they plan to use and launch dates? If we have not heard of any dates, how much time does it usually take to get on a launch schedule? Getting two more launches in this year could be tight.
  3. shadyB

    Direct vs. Dish HD Sat placements

    Yes, you would have better luck at getting the locals in HD through directv. Since you are getting the 110 & 119 already, you 'should' get 103, 101, and 99 as well. You will still only have the same handful of other HD channels as what you are getting with Dish Network though. This is until...
  4. shadyB

    Would Voom Satellite be more successful in 2007?

    Have to say no. That type of service only appeals to a small segment of the television community (although that community has a strong presence on this board). The first thing most TV consumers want is their locals in HD without a complicated setup of OTA antennas and typing in hyphens when...
  5. shadyB

    DirecTv and Dish Network Comparisons

    Also can include as exclusives for D* the following: FuelTV, TVG, NBAtv, FSN Prime Ticket, MASN, YES Network
  6. shadyB

    DirecTv and Dish Network Comparisons

    You did not include the March Madness package as an exclusive to D*
  7. shadyB

    Another Multiswitch question

    Try taking the switch out and testing your receivers with a direct feed from the dish. If that works then you know that the problem is with your multiswitch. Whether the problem is with the power supply or the dish is tough to tell, if you have another power supply you can give it a try...
  8. shadyB

    HR20-700 and HR10-250

    It is a multiswitch that will give you more than the standard 4 outputs from the dish. 2 for each DVR plus one for the standard receiver equals five outputs. So you will need more than the standard 4. As far as having both the HR10-250 and the HR20-700 goes, yes you can have both, but they...
  9. shadyB

    When one format caves...

    Found this article that I thought people would find interesting regarding the Pron industry and its relation to the HDDVD vs. BluRay format competition. I have to agree with the article that the industry's impact in this battle is overstated. With a large amount of the industry's content being...
  10. shadyB

    New Names & Price's for DirecTv Packages

    So the Premier package does not include HD? What is so premier about that?
  11. shadyB

    Dallas Fort Worth Resellers

    How much is the balance on the account? That might end up being the cheaper option. Just a thought.
  12. shadyB

    EI Exclusive to D*?

    I am not a big baseball fan, so it is difficult for me to judge the value of this deal. But I just do not see this as big of a driver to attract new subs as ST. Also since all sports bars have to subscribe to DirecTV for ST anyway, I do not see this as a gain for the lucrative commercial...
  13. shadyB

    Ohio State vs Flordia for the National Championship

    Congrats to the Florida Gators, they represented their state and the SEC well. Their defense was amazing, and I do not think Ohio State has seen a defense like that except maybe Penn State. But of course Penn State's offense is no where close to the relentless attack of Urban Meyer's spread...
  14. shadyB

    New College Coaches

    Air Force - Troy Calhoun That hire leaves only two head coaching jobs available in Div 1A college football, Alabama and Central Michigan. Both have named interim coaches, so we will most likely not see any more hires until after their bowl games. Of course there could still be some more...
  15. shadyB

    New College Coaches

    Boston College - Jeff Jagodzinski Idaho - Robb Akey
  16. shadyB

    LA HD outside LA

    You can use either dish to pick up the LA Network HD channels, along with the other MPEG-2 HD channels. However, if you can I would go with the 5 lnb dish, as this will support the rolling out of new MPEG-4 national HD channels next year. The only question is do you feel comfortable doing...
  17. shadyB

    New College Coaches

    Stanford - Jim Harbaugh Louisiana Tech - Derek Dooley North Texas - Tom Dodge Tulane - Bob Toledo UAB - Neil Callaway Florida International - Mario Cristobal
  18. shadyB

    New College Coaches

    Arizona State - Dennis Erickson
  19. shadyB

    New College Coaches

    Cincinnati - Brian Kelly
  20. shadyB

    New College Coaches

    Butch Davis to UNC Mark Dantonio to Michigan State
  21. shadyB

    Found this funny

    I thought I knew what it was (a video standard), but apparently I was wrong. It is only a marketing term, and can mean whatever D* wants it to mean :rolleyes:
  22. shadyB

    Many Rutgers fans may not be able to see bowl game

    Tough situation for Rutgers, one moment you are a play away from winning in triple overtime and going to the Orange bowl. The next moment you end up in the Texas bowl that is being carried by the NFL Network.
  23. shadyB

    Found this funny

    I find the commercials with Jessica Simpson talking about DirecTV HD being broadcast in 1080i funny as well. Since the 1080i standard implies a signal of 1920x1080 interlaced at 60hz, but the DirecTV HD signal does meet that standard.
  24. shadyB

    Boise State Says No to ESPN

    I am happy to see that Boise State has the guts to stand up to ESPN/ABC/Disney and their "my way or the highway" approach to college football. It is too bad this game will not be nationally televised now, I was looking forward to watching some of it...
  25. shadyB

    Tailgating Help- How To Get Both Local and "ESPN" Dishes to Work

    Charleston SC locals are on the 72.5 sat so you cannot pick it up with the phase 3 dish. He would have to use 2 dishes (one pointed at 101 and one pointed at 72.5) and then a multiplexer to make it work. Probably not worth it, getting ESPN the Game Plan may work the best. Although you will...