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  1. IndyMichael

    Planning on getting Dish Network installed

    We canceled Directv in May, enjoyed a couple tv bill free months, now plan on getting Dish Network installed on or about August 1st. Any thoughts on the best deals or best installer to do the job? We now live in Pendelton, IN 46064.
  2. IndyMichael

    Samsung Rant... worse phone I've owned

    I'm on 3rd Rant so far. The first two failed within 30 days, so they sent me new Rants. After a major software update, Rant #3 seems to be ok, but still messes up when online. It freezes up a lot and I get too many http errors. Oddest thing it does, when I go to a racing forum bookmark, it...
  3. IndyMichael

    HBO & CINEMAX....

    I started out using Netflix and liked it, but they sent them out from Chicago and took 2-3 days to get to me and to get sent back. I switched to Walmart's dvd service, only because they have a distribution center in Indianapolis and I get the movies in 1 day and they get them back in 1 day.
  4. IndyMichael

    The Satellite War is ON!

    Switching seemed easy to me. I had DirecTV installed the day before our next Dish month would start, waited til everything was installed, and once it was working, called Dish and cancelled.
  5. IndyMichael

    Anyone know of a good GPS Discussion Forum? I've found all the forums I like, by doing a search, here's a yahoo seach for gps discussion forums...
  6. IndyMichael

    EchoStar seeks to phase out need for 2nd dish

    They are required by federal law to carry all local channels that want to be aired, or just the major one's? Hard to imagine the other local channels in Indy, wouldn't want to be on Dish.
  7. IndyMichael

    College Sports TV and The NFL Network

    Is Dish even considering adding College Sports TV and The NFL Network? I've grown tired of new sports channels being added to DirecTV, and Dish not adding them. I'm also quite tired of Charlie claiming no one wants any of the new channels. I left Comcast digital cable mainly because they...
  8. IndyMichael

    DISH Network Adds Three New Pakistani Channels

    And they won't add College Sports TV or the NFL Network?
  9. IndyMichael

    CBS, EchoStar Nearing Deal Over Channels

    My kids love Noggin, IMO they should keep it and add PBS kids.
  10. IndyMichael

    Full Page ad from Viacom in Houston Chronicle

    Full page ad in Indianapolis too, complete with a mad looking Spongebob.
  11. IndyMichael

    It's Midnight Pacific Time!!!

    I love the show 7 days, if I don't get to see it Tuesday on Spike TV via Dish, the next time I see it will be via DirecTV, losing channels would be the last straw.
  12. IndyMichael

    NEW Dish DHA Promo?

    Anyone besides me think it's a crock that only DHA customers can have the additional outlet fees waived? I understand new customers getting free or discounted equipment, but waiving a monthly fee, only for DHA customers makes no sense to me.
  13. IndyMichael

    Wireless phonejacks

    What kind/brand do you have? I don't have caller id, so that's not an issue.
  14. IndyMichael

    Wireless phonejacks

    Only 1 of our 4 tv's has a phonejack anywhere near it. If Dish decides to waive the $5 per receiver fee for existing custormers, I wondering how good and secure, the wireless phonejacks are.
  15. IndyMichael

    Vote for your favorite NFL team, and Campbell's will donate Even if you don't have a favorite team, or even like football, you can vote anyway and help get it to the 5 million cans Campbell's will donate.
  16. IndyMichael

    Questions about DirecTV

    I'm currently a Dish DHP customer, and have satisfied my one year commitment, and as I'm increasing annoyed with Dish not adding CSTV, I'm getting more serious about switching. I'm a big soccer fan, and it kills me that I've already missed two Indiana University soccers matches on CSTV...
  17. IndyMichael

    Big Ten Soccer championship was shown live on CSTV....

    and will be repeated several times this week. Thanks a lot Dish for adding CSTV :rolleyes: Indina won, and is a #8 seed in the NCAA tournament. I"m so sick of waiting for Dish to add CSTV. :x :evil:
  18. IndyMichael

    Lovin the Pearl Islands!!

    Since when did reality shows become double elimination contests? After this weeks show, I'm done watching, what a freakin joke that those voted out, are allowed back. We taped Tru Calling, and that's what I'll be watching from now on. I may watch the last survivor to see who wins, but that's all.
  19. IndyMichael

    Who will Win the World Series?

    I'm a Cub's fan, and I want the Marlins to win.
  20. IndyMichael

    What's the difference between DHP and new customers who...

    Quit assuming things, you don't know why I signed up for a DHP, and it sure as hell wasn't a money issue. When I decided to get satellite, I saw lots of free equipment and install deals, and I wasn't sure which way to go. I called one of my friends who owns a business, that among other things...
  21. IndyMichael

    What's the difference between DHP and new customers who...

    If you're gonna compare it to me, why add a 4th receiver, when I only have 3? So there goes the $100 more a "regular" customer would pay. Also, I got one free month of programming, and with only an AT 100 package they 3 months of free programming. I think I would have the same peace of mind...
  22. IndyMichael

    What's the difference between DHP and new customers who...

    If they get the AEP, they pay no monthly fee for the 510 DVR, and if Rupert does indeed waive the DVR fee at DirceTV, then how long do you think Dish will charge anyone a monthly fee for the 510 DVR. As a DHP customer, I pay $60 a year to lease my equipment, mulitply that times all the DHP...
  23. IndyMichael

    What's the difference between DHP and new customers who...

    Here's my email to Dish about this: And their reply: I x'd out the phone numbers, as I'm not sure if they should be shown.
  24. IndyMichael

    What's the difference between DHP and new customers who...

    What's the difference between DHP customers, and new customers who get their equipment for free? When I switched from Comcast digital cable, to Dish network a year ago, I was told the DHP was the best way to go, so I got two 310's and paid $49 to upgrade my 3rd receiver to a 508. New customers...
  25. IndyMichael

    College Sports TV not yet on Dish, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    True enough, I posted it in the sports forum, then thought more would see it here, so I posted it here too.