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    DVR functions that could be disabled

    Dish filed their response on the stay today. That should be some interesting reading once it's available. The link I posted above should have it by tomorrow I would think. I read somewhere that Google would make sense as a possible buyer of Tivo. I believe Tivo has a poison pill which would...
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    DVR functions that could be disabled

    The problem they have is they were found to be in contempt of a previous order. The judge found that their "work around" still infringed and he's not too happy about it. Damages are typically trebled (at least) for willful infringement. I don't think the boxes will be shut off, but I think $3...
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    DVR functions that could be disabled

    You can read Tivo's response to the request to Stay the injunction requiring the DVR's to be disabled here: [url=[/url] Bottom of the page, "Tivo-opposition" Charlie's backed into a corner here. It's going to cost him. Tivo has a poison pill, so buying...
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    DP-34 switch for sale

    If anyone needs a DP-34 let me know. We can work out a deal.
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    811 vs. 6000 Why is the 6000 so expensive?

    They must be able to hack the yellow cards too. I just sold mine for 560.
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    I'm NOW happy with Sirius (Updated)

    I have on good authority that Pamela Andersen will be visiting you shortly to make a formal apology on behaf of Sirius. She's waiting until your wife's not home.
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    More stuff 4 sale, DP34, DP twin and DP single

    I'll be selling more of my stuff soon on Ebay. I have a DP34 switch, a Dish Pro Twin lnb and a Dish Pro Single lnb that I'll be putting up soon. I boudght all of these off of Ebay myself and never used them due to my giving up on ever getting a 921 and moving on to the pig.
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    And another 6000 for sale

    This one is on ebay. Has the yellow smart card, which I did activate. No balance. Has 8PSK but not the 8VSB module. Remote included, if I can find it under the couch. :D Bid early and often.
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    Geez Scott, given E*'s track record lately, that's one huge if about the 922. Will it work? Will it be delayed for a year and a half? Will I still be a dish customer? Well, the answer to that is known, I had cable installed last week. Selling my equipment soon.
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    Just cancelled Cinemax & Starz until they add the HD channels

    I have an adelphia install on Friday. Not only do they have Starz and Max HD but Starz is free for a year. This is in addition to HBO, SHowtime, pbs, abc, nbc, cbs, inhd1 and 2, espn and nesn. Plus they claim they will have an HD dvr box available by june or july. How can charlie say with a...
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    SatelliteGuys 921 Review

    Does the 921 show locals (not ota locals, but the ones from dish) with their actual channel number like the 301 does? I'd much prefer to punch in channel 7 on my remote instead of 8772 like I have to with the 6000.
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    Warning: Dish not replacing failed 921's

    That's great news fox200, thanks for the update.
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    Dish Beta Testers

    Can you imagine the guys who tested Preperation A through G before they settled on Preperation H???? Feel the burn!
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    Official 921 non-update update

    -----Original Message----- From: xxx Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 3:06 PM To: Duffy, Mark Subject: Re: Mod 921-MA Duffy Hi Mark, I'm just checking back in with you regarding the 921 situation. It's been over a month since we talked and I was just curious if there is any new...
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    Rumor: Dish close to adding YES

    Mike and the Mad dog show would be cool. So, the answer to my question is? Would Yes only be available to those in the ny area?
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    Rumor: Dish close to adding YES

    What package do you need to get this? Is it included in the in AEP? or just in the NY area? p.s. Yankees Suck!! (I have to say that, it's the law)
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    921's on Ebay

    My son rediscovered his furby recently. I want to strangle it. No, really, this thing is going to drive me insane. I need help!!!!!!!!
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    Warning: Dish not replacing failed 921's

    April 11 th you say? Hmm HD Tivo should be on the street by then with plenty of reviews on-line. Choices, choices.
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    Do I need to change my distant local to Atlanta for CBS?

    Thanks guys. I thought I had lost my cbs, but I guess since I signed up for CBS-hd I got the sd version on 243 too as a distant local. I guess that's what I pay 1.50 for. Can you sign up for CBS-HD with out signing up for the distant local?
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    Is it better to wait?

    After this extended Q/A hold, which should be coming to an end soon I hope, it better work a whole lot better. I think you'll be ok, if you really want one. I wouldn't buy any of the ones off of ebay, since they were put out before the hold and may have all of the initial bugs.
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    What will I need to upgrade to the 921

    I had the same setup except I had a 301 and a 6000. It took me a while to get the proper advice that is included above, but eventually I figured out that the best way to go is to go Dishpro. I am replacing my only legacy receiver, the 6000 with a 921 so I don't need the adapter. I got a dp...
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    Canceling Dish and Moving to...?

    But if they've given you equipment that doesn't work as advertised........
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    921 Q/A Hold Thread

    Nothing official, but I hear rumors of about 2 weeks they hope to be shipping again.
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    SW44 vs. SW64

    Well that just sucks eggs. Well, looking at ebay It looks like it won't cost me quite as much as I thought if might to go dishpro. There are no dp singles on there right now. I can pick up a dp twin for about $35 with shipping. The funny thing is that I currently have a dp34 in my...
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    SW44 vs. SW64

    All these different switches are driving me nuts. OK, I have two legacy LNB dishes for 3 satellite locations. I currently have them going to two sw21's to feed two receivers (301 and 6000). I think I figured out that to add one more line for a third receiver (actually a second input to a 921...