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    Complete frustration with DISH and moving

    $50 It is amazing how much time people spend to try and get out of paying fees. Just pay the $50. That is nothing compared to the time and effort required to move the dish.
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    Record Entire Show?

    Sometimes I start watching a show and then after 10 minutes I decide that I want to record it. However, when I hit the "record" button it only records the rest of the show. How do I get it to put the 10 minutes that I have already watched as well as the rest of the show on the DVR.
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    Recording time doesn't add up?!?

    Baseball I bet a baseball game would take about as much space as a talk show. On the other hand, a hockey game would take up a lot of space.
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    Digital Sound Connection

    What kind of Digital? Thanks. I know what the TOSLink is. What kind of output do you get. Do you get Dolby Pro Logic when you rent movies? Do you get more than two channels from any other programming besides PPV movies?
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    Digital Sound Connection

    Does the "Digital Out" sound connection work? The manual does not meantion anything about it. What kind of connection is it? It it a fiber optic cable connection?
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    With the 522, Can I?

    Confused :no OK Now I am confused. Simple simon said that I need to "see" tuner 2 in order to control it. Precious Roy said that I can just set tuner 2 as the default for recording. I want to view everything from the s-video output for TV-1. Will that be possible or will I need to use...
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    Can you record PPV movies?

    Can you record PPV movies with the PVR?
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    With the 522, Can I?

    Thanks for the reply. :p In order to get the 522, did you have to lie to dish and say that you had two TV's?
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    With the 522, Can I?

    I only have (and want) one TV. However, I want to watch one live show and record another simultaneously. I plan on ordering the Dish for two rooms, and having it connected to my one TV and having the installer run a cable to my bedroom and telling him that I just have not purchased the 2nd...