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Apr 20, 2004
Does the "Digital Out" sound connection work? The manual does not meantion anything about it. What kind of connection is it? It it a fiber optic cable connection?
What kind of Digital?

Thanks. I know what the TOSLink is. What kind of output do you get. Do you get Dolby Pro Logic when you rent movies? Do you get more than two channels from any other programming besides PPV movies?
hall said:
Not too many shows/movies are broadcast with Dolby Digital audio. The few that are will be labeled as such....
I disagree. Most/many (almost all?) of the main HBO and SHO content is DD - sometimes 2.0, sometimes 3/2.1 - it's NOT limited to PPV or HD. I suspect there's a lot of other DD content on the birds, too - I've not bothered to notice because my receiver does a great job with anything you throw at it. :) In fact, sometimes I'm better off down-rezzing the audio because studio sound editors can get lazy when mixing 3/2.1 and leave you with 2 good channels and 3 channels of crap.
I just ordered the 522 because it was free for new customers. Concerning dolby digital, will it say dolby digital like a dvd does when the particular program offers it?
My bad. That's actually what I meant to put. "Will my receiver say dolby digital like it does when i watch a DVD?" Anyways, you answered my question, thanks.
it will say DD in the program infomation screen. According to Dish there is only a few channels that broadcast in DD.(HBOeast, HBOHD, HD Pack, a few ppv channels, and maybe a few other channels, and it doesn't always broadcast true (3/2.1 or 5.1 which ever way you want to show it) depends on the show/movie) Of course you are using a digital connection, and it sounds good no matter what you get, DD, Dolby Prologic 1 or 2.
I know this has been previously asked; however, I would like to know where I can go to find which particular programs offer DD. For example, certain upcoming movies, sports games, etc...

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