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  1. technoguy

    Puerto Rico Residents with the 30" Dish (New small one) Post your signal Strength

    The signals that the op posted are indeed too low like others suggested a svc call is proper.since we're installing the new PR/hi 500 we have more steady signals less rain fade and les svc calls.Finally you can reach the 61.5 with a 30" dish without any problems although there's not any hd...
  2. technoguy

    Ask Dish why the new iPad offer doesn't apply to Puerto Rico

    Before anyone says is because PR is a territory, Dish will make the offer available only if you place your Order directly with them making this an unfair practice against retailers.So I wonder why?
  3. technoguy

    Puerto Rico Sub`s no channel 147 and 148 Olympic Basketball and Soccer

    That is because the PR Olympic committee hasn't complaint yet and they're realized they can't broadcast all events VIA PR sport network,and the nbc 3d ch is available too no one on dish.
  4. technoguy

    Puerto Rico Sub`s no channel 147 and 148 Olympic Basketball and Soccer

    Guys you should known the situation when international sports (and some domestic like baseball)comes like the Olympics,Because we have an Olympic comitee they have the exclusive rights when comes programming,NBC or the affiliated have no control over that and certainly neither Dish.for some...
  5. technoguy

    Hopper wants to run check switches all the time?

    I don't think the lack of 77w is causing this issue,Since we started the hopper installations here(dish 500 with only 110,119 feeds)none of mine have this problem,I'm myself have a 2h4j with 61.5,118,110,119 feeds since I upgrade myself and never have this problem.
  6. technoguy

    What DLAN server are you using with the Hopper?

    I'm using PlayOn,when I want to add something I just hit select and 2 windows will pop up,1 says play to end and the other says add to the playlist.
  7. technoguy

    Hopper Q&A and Install Tips

    We`are installing DPP33 with single or duo nodes for new hoppers installations or upgrades.
  8. technoguy

    Hopper Users in Puerto Rico Attention!!!

    To All Hoppers users in PR,DO NOT go to channels 14 and 24(NBC AND FOX)you will freeze your systems due to resolution problems on those channels.To resolve problem you'll need to reboot the unit after acquiring signal you will have a 3 seconds window to change the channel otherwise the hopper...
  9. technoguy

    Dish Network - Home audio/video installers now ! (??)

    Huh? Who is bashing us? The reality is we're going to be responsible for costumers mess=charge backs for no reason and I don't like that at all.
  10. technoguy

    SatelliteGuys Review: Logitech Revue with GoogleTV – A Diamond in the Rough

    Rw Because he tough it was a waste of time and energy thinking what to wear.
  11. technoguy

    Incomplete guide on my 922

    This is something I'd been experienced since the new software and I haven't figured out what it is,My HDD temperature is normal and the ird is working properly except the problem with the epg,
  12. technoguy

    DPP Multiswitch Location

    If I remember was last June,but not only that, we have to use approved cable(rg6) and parts or have and automatic auto fail for that.
  13. technoguy

    Dish in West Indies

    If you have and account in OH you can use it there however you might lose some channels(HD) and your locals because with the dish500pr setup the core sats are 110,119.
  14. technoguy

    OTA Experience on 922

    He's full of it.
  15. technoguy

    Channel Logos Gone?

    My box still showing them.
  16. technoguy

    Free premiums

    Starz now is available for free, enjoy.
  17. technoguy

    Latino Max

    you have to turn 5xxx,HD is not map down on any latino pack.
  18. technoguy

    Legacy wiring options

    Yes,but he could be swap to a DPP33 or a DP 34.
  19. technoguy

    Legacy wiring options

    you're correct.
  20. technoguy

    Legacy wiring options

    He can do the same thing here by enrolling to the DHA or paying the upgrade dish and components.
  21. technoguy

    Receiver authorized

    When this usually happens is because a single number is wrong on the R or S.