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  1. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Started Charging State Tax

    Thanks for checking-I have had DISH for years and they never charged tax before so I think something is wrong for sure.
  2. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Started Charging State Tax

    I'll wait to see if they respond to my email. According to their website, NY does not charge tax for DISH services.
  3. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Started Charging State Tax

    That's my concern-that they are wrongly taxing me somehow. If they are not entitled to it I would rather have the $15 or so a year in my pocket instead of theirs.
  4. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Started Charging State Tax

    OK, I did that-we'll see what happens.
  5. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Started Charging State Tax

    Thanks for the reply and I sure hope you are right about cheaper alternatives!
  6. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Started Charging State Tax

    DISH recently sent me an email saying that I needed to have a service call to have my dish flipped to the new arc (I am in Buffalo DMA). When the guy came he said they had placed an order to have him flip the dish and install new receivers. We already have two 211s and when he saw that he said...
  7. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Eastern Arc Update

    I am in Buffalo DMA. I upgraded my equipment to 211s but my dish is still on the western arc. Is the deadline to move to EA still the end of 2015? Also, I have the Smart Pack-will I get HD locals if they flip me over to EA? I haven't seen anything here on this issue lately. Thanks
  8. W_Tracy_Parnell

    211 Upgrade Problem

    Amazing 3 tries with chat and 1 phone call and all they could do was offer to send a tech out. The guys here had it fixed in a few minutes-thanks again!
  9. W_Tracy_Parnell

    211 Upgrade Problem

    That's what I did and it worked great. It kept saying I was going to lose channels and that made me not hit save but you have to ignore that I guess. Thanks very much for the help! :wave2
  10. W_Tracy_Parnell

    211 Upgrade Problem

    It says "Check switch test has found fewer satellites than previously detected. Changing settings will result in loss of channels.
  11. W_Tracy_Parnell

    211 Upgrade Problem

    I have a Dish 500 and two receivers with the Smart Pack. So, I had a 301 in the bedroom and 311 in the living room and today I swapped in a 211z for the 311 in the living room and moved the 311 to the bedroom. This enabled me to get rid of the 301 which is about to become obsolete. The 311 is...
  12. W_Tracy_Parnell

    RFD TV / DISH Network Update

    Great channel-Dish got this one right anyway!
  13. W_Tracy_Parnell

    programming sucks!!

    My advice-check out the FTA forums here and consider that type of system and downgrade your Dish Network. I did this a long time ago as well as getting rid of my expensive (outrageous) DVR which was always filled up with unwatched content. There is only so much TV a person can watch anyway-I...
  14. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Your G-19 Signal Report is Needed

    Size of your dish: 30 inch Location: 90 miles south of Buffalo NY 11789 V 28125 - 57 11836 V 20765 - 63 11842 H 22000 (new) - 66 11867 V 22000 - 63 11874 H 22000 - 66 11936 H 20000 - 57 11966 H 22000 - 43 12053 V 22000 - 66 12060 H 22000 - 66 12115 V 22425 - 43 12177 V 23000 - 63
  15. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DUmped DISH in favor of a Home Theatre PC

    Sounds like a nice system-congrats! I believe that the satellite and cable companies are going to see much more competition in the future from Internet based content providers-and competition is good for the end user.
  16. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Saying Hi Everyone

  17. W_Tracy_Parnell

    HD Only Packages

    It looks like the CSRs are still "pulling people's legs" (to put it nicely) on the Dish America packages. According to the lists I have seen in this thread and elsewhere Fox News is not in any of these packages. That is a deal breaker for me-if it actually were in Dish America Silver I would go...
  18. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Network May Remove RFD-TV

    Thanks, I might see if I can use my 6 footer to pick it up, although it has never been quite the same after it tipped over a while back.
  19. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Network May Remove RFD-TV

    FTA or subbed? What dish are you using?
  20. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Network May Remove RFD-TV

    Only paying $29 a month (Dish Family). I would probably be willing to move to C-Band but I am afraid the handwriting is on the wall for that. The 4DTV receivers are no longer being made so I can't see investing in a dish and everything. It's a shame too because C-Band was cheaper at one time and...
  21. W_Tracy_Parnell

    DISH Network May Remove RFD-TV

    Thanks for posting-emails sent. If this happens I will be leaving Dish for sure. Just got HD and have been weighing other options anyway.
  22. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Bell Swapping Smartcards - Get ready for the cheap FTA gear!

    Antennas can pick up digital OTA programming, so that's no excuse.
  23. W_Tracy_Parnell

    The Fugitive Fans

    Good show for sure and an interesting man: Barry Morse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia