0 Signal on Some Transponders


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May 29, 2004
Should I be worried if I do not get any signal on Transponders 4,18,26,&28? I am in the 75093 (Plano, Texas) area code for DirecTV? I have a reading of 99 on transponder 12 and 97 on transponder 20. From what I can tell according to this chart http://richardk.digitalrice.com/transponders.asp those channels are not used for my area. I have 3x8 multi switch with a ~6 year old Sony Dual LNB round dish.
I have the following recievers:
1 Sony SAT-A1
1 Sony SAT-T60 (dual Tuner enabled)
1 RCA DVR40 (dual Tuner enabled)
1 RCA first generation.
The multi switch is a "Holland Electronics" brand and is powered.

Thanks for any help,


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