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May 20, 2004
I have never installed a dish of any kind.

I have a currently installed Dish but I just got a new roof and it was removed, and then replaced.

I just want some information about how I can line it up again but I can't seem to find anything.

It is a Dish 500.

Thanks a bunch guys.


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Nov 17, 2003
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wfj5444 said:
I just want some information about how I can line it up again but I can't seem to find anything.

Thanks a bunch guys.

On the Dish Network site:

Tells you how to set up the mast to make sure it is level up & down.

Get a compass from Walmart or somewhere for 4-7 bux.

Enter your zip code in the receiver. It will give you the settings for your dish.

If you want to do it on the web:

Set the elevation(up angle) to the scale on the back of the dish. It should already be set pretty close unless your roofers really goofed it up. THe Skew(twist) should already be set too.

All you should really need to do is find out where in the sky the satellite is(left-right)

180' is due south(give or take a few degrees for magnetic deviation in your area)

With your compass pointer directly on 180, look at the AZIMUTH setting for your zip code. Point the LNB of the dish in that general direction.

Make sure your TV is on and you are in the dish pointing menu and the sat is set to 119. A second person makes this a little easier so they can call out when you get close.

If you are in line with Phonix AZ you will be pointing it almost straight south. West coast, you will point it left of 180, east coast you will point it further right. Move it a little at a time. Just nudge it until you hear a tonal change on your TV. You should get it fairly close using this method. Once you have a high pitched tone(90-125), adjust it so that it is the best signal. Tghten everything down and recheck.

These aren't complete directions, but they should help.


May 28, 2004
In a remote part of Idaho
Yup - pretty simple to do the job. :yes It just takes patience for a first timer. Following the directions above will get the job done. Just remember it is paramount that the bracket holding the antenna be level in BOTH directions (N&S, E&W). ;) Then as long as you have the Elevation set pretty close to what the receiver tells you, when you put in your zip code, all you have to do is swing the dish around on the pole (slowly) and wait for a lock. It really helps if you use FRS radio's. :rolleyes: Makes it easy on the vocal cords. When you swing the dish around, move in VERY small increments. This allows for the time delay between the LNB and the IRD (receiver). If you do a fairly complete swing in the arc at an elevation and don't get a signal, try adjusting the elevation a half degree up or down and try again. GOOD LUCK :cool:

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