[OTHER] 1.2m dual C/Ku band with motor, possible?

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  1. Hi there,

    I have been out of this hobby for 20+ years - I last built a C-band dish when I was 16 back in 1996. But I now have some time, and I have access to a roof pad where I can put in a limited (in size) system. To be honest, I am not even sure what is possible in a combined system anymore.

    But ideally, since I have room for a 1.2m offset, is it possible to do a dual C/Ku setup on a 1.2m offset and have it motorized? I have a clear view of the sky in Los Angeles, and am up quite high, so I can get pretty much everything right to the horizon. It would be great to do some exploring, and get what I can on C-band while being able to get all of the usual Ku stuff.

    Please let me know if this is doable with off the shelf stuff, and what I should be looking at, and I will be grateful...

  3. :welcome to the forum jomo.
    The only dual C/Ku setup would be with an dual orthomode feedhorn and 4 LNBs.
    Combo LNBFs are available in a single only. Either way it's a serious compromise to reception when using an undersized offset dish for C-Band and Ku at the same time. With a large 8~10 foot c-band dish reception is acceptable with combo LNBFs and orthos. With a motorized 1.2M dish I would strive for either band but not both at the same time. But you may find what you get will be acceptable to you anyway. It's a fun hobby regardless which route you go. And lots of helpful folks here to get you going :)
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  4. Unless there is LNB-changer installed on the antenna ;)
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  5. That LNB rotator is awesome! And many thanks for the welcomes. I remember the last time I was asking questions about setups, I was doing it on Usenet!!

    As for my "dual" setup, maybe I didn't use the right terminology. I wouldn't need both at once. Just a setup that can switch between the two bands. Are there single LNB setups that have both built in, and can receivers switch between the two, or is there really no true dual-band setup and I'd need to jerry rig it?
  6. Titanium has a combo LNBF. Check this link, Titanium Satellite - Store
    I use a Bullseye II feed and four Norsat LNBs on two 10' dishes, one for me and one for the wife ;)
    YardSep17 063.JPG
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  7. You should know going in that the combo C/Ku LNBFs are somewhat of a compromise (maybe due to the different focal points in the feed tube?) but that being said, if it says Titanium on it it's gonna be good stuff.

    You will be limited with what you can receive on C-band with a 1.2 meter dish anyway but if you manage your expectations and are willing to experiment with LNBF placement you should be able to enjoy a lot of programming with your proposed setup.

    Edit: I'm not real familiar with this type of setup...should Jomo be looking at getting a conical and/or flat scalar(s) also?
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  8. If you have room for a 1.2m dish, you have room for a 1.8m dish, which is the smallest you should go for if you want BOTH C and KU on it.
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  9. I would not recommend either a C/KU orthomode or a C/KU combo LNBF on a small 1.2m reflector. The reflector size will provide excellent KU reception with a dedicated KU-band feedhorn and receive a few C-band transponders with a dedicated C-band feedhorn, locking only the strongest C-band channels. An orthomode or combo LNBF on an undersized reflector will provide lower performance and even less channels.

    The choice of scalar type needs to match the reflector's FD (Focal Diameter). Most offset dishes are higher FD and require the conical type scalar to properly illuminate the reflector surface.

    My advice for a miniBUD? Pick one band or mount feedhorns side by side or create a rotating feed system like RimaNTSS posted. I would also suggest a larger reflector if at all possible. 1.2m is too small for reliable C-band reception. With the newer modulations, encoding and tighter satellite spacing, less and less channels will be received with an undersized dish.
  10. If the goal is multiple sats with both C and Ku bands on a 1.2m dish there is another route to consider. from a member here Danristheman
    [​IMG] ;)
  11. Wow...this is all great. Thanks guys! Have some more research to do and will report back...
  12. Welcome to SatelliteGuys Jomo!!
    I see you are getting excellent help!
    Sorry for the late welcome I have been away from the keyboard.
  13. Thanks again for all of the help. Quick follow up question.

    Is there any place to get a 1.2m dish in Los Angeles, so that I don't have to pay basically the price of the dish in shipping? WSI seems to have an office here, but I have called/emailed, and they don't appear to exist...
  14. They are out of business call up Brain at titanium satellite or Satellite AV they have great equipment that is close to you to buy and pick up.
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