101 D* and 110 E* on a D500


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Dec 13, 2004
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I would like to know if this can be done. I want to use a D500 to get 101 for Directv and 110 for Dish Network. I will use E*'s LNBs, Legacy Dual for 101 and a DP Dual for 110 so LNBs are not a problem. I'm currently using the Legacy Dual for 101 and it works great.

The 9 degrees separation shouldn't be a problem either. My question is more about the skew angle that I would need to see both 101 and 110 on a D500.

My skew angle for E*'s 119 and 110 is 80. When I enter the information for a 2 LNB in the Directv receiver I get 106. Am I to assume that I should set the skew angle at 74 to see both 101 and 110? I would think that the skew needs to be higher because for my zipcode 101 is at an elevation angle of 41 and 110 is at 44. For E* the elevation angle for 119 is 46 and for 110 is 45.
Fwiw, I did do the same thing at one time and it worked with no major issue that could not be overcome.

The only problem I had was because of my location, 110/119 was at the end of the skew position and I had to remove the 4 bolts holding the Dish on and mount the Dish 90 degrees off where it was expected to be - so I could get past the bolts to where I needed to set the skew for optimum performance - thus the skew setting engraved on the dish itself was inaccurate but 101/110 did work as expected after that. For obvious reasons, you cannot use the E* lnb for D* 110 SAT C, as you already know.
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As Iceberg said, use the Sadoun link, set sat for 105.5.

However, when you take the skew from 90, he means start at 90.

90 = 0.
If its +20.5, then it would be 90 + 20.5 = 110.5.
If its -20.5, then it would be 90 - 20.5 = 69.5.
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Project completed. Thanks Iceberg, you da' man.

It was a pain in the a$$ trying to get it done with the D* receiver. I then switched to the E* receiver and got them both in 5 minutes. The D* receiver will show signal for A, B, C and I only had one LNB, WTF? Anyways, got it done and the skew was 69.

After I got 110 and 101 on one D500, I aimed the second D500 to 119 and 129. Set the skew at 90 and got pretty good signal on 119 but as we all know 129 is a POS and the signal is not that great, some mid 60s and mid 70s. I had 129 on one D500 and an I bracket before and I used to get mid 70s and mid 80s. Oh well just wanted to experiment a little.


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