1080i convergence... will it affect my 480i/p convergence?


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Oct 17, 2006
I got my Sony RPTV from a relative. On the first day, I plugged in my dvd player and noticed horrible color shifts. After following these instructions:
the issues went away. And so, I lived on with 480i/p on my HDTV.

But now, I just got an OTA HD tuner capable of 480p/720p/1080i. Things look good in 480p, but when I flip it to anything above the 480p setting, I notice significant color shift issues again. So, my dumb question... if I converge it while set on 1080i, will my colors be off while watching dvds at 480p again?

They are connected on different signals, so I'd hope changing the convergence settings on one input wouldn't change it on another, but that may be expecting too much. Also, the convergence instructions doesn't match my service menu exactly, so I was winging it for part of the process.

I guess I can always watch HD signals at 480p to avoid the color shift, but what a shame that would be.
If your Sony is anything like my Samsung, the convergence settings for each input are independent.
CRT based RPTVs should have a different convergence memory for each input frequency (480, 720, 1080)