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Nov 7, 2006

could anyone tell me if a satellite signal will go through perspex or plastic, i'm thinking of taking the glass out of my back bedroom window and putting in the perspex or plastic as replacement, it's a spare room which i will be dedicating to a 160 cm dish, I am having trouble with the authorities with my sat dishes outside.

regards john.
Well I would suspect they might be even worse at reflecting the signal away.

What is your zip code or location? What are you trying to receive that needs a 5.25 foot dish? There may be better solution, thus my questions.

What "authorities" are you talking about and what is the "trouble"? Are you talking about an apartment or HOA? OTARD only protects you up to 1.0m ( 100cm) if I remember correctly. 160cm is equal to 1.60m. If you are in a home; do you not have an area in you back yard or somewhere behind an under a fence line? That will almost certainly put you in compliance, but not if its on the roof our many feet above a fence line or in the front yard. Please post some details.
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i live in the uk, the satellite is nilesat 7w, its a great satellite for 24 hour english and american films,comedy, abc and cbs news, chat shows, all free etc!, there is loads of free to air stuff over here but its getting the stuff in english which i am always trying to get. As far as authoriies are concerned, i was talking about my local council, something like a district or a local area etc! thats what i meant and as far as don't i have a garden, well yes i do but i have a neighbour who complained to my local council that my sat dish was spoiling his television picture, the council i think will be telling me to take it down i think, they have sent me a letter stating i will need planning permission to keep the dish in the garden, over here if you put any thing big in the garden you have to get permission to do so, it might sound strange to you guys, but thats the score over here. My main question was to any guy who knows was, will a sat signal go through perspex or clear plastic. thanks very much.
Ahh well hello UK and welcome; none of my comments apply out of the USA I assume. And I can say I have no experiences to help other than standing by my guess on your glass substitute. And yes we have some restrictions as well to keep out of control people in check; some like it, some don't. same with everything I gues. Good luck!

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