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DigiDish Uplink Report

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SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Report - 12/28/2009 3:29pm - 6 changes

Uplink Comparison Range: 12/28/2009 03:13P - 12/28/2009 03:29P

Channel Package Flag Changes:
7883(58) - WPGA [MPEG2 SD] - EchoStar10 110W TP 18 Spotbeam 06 changed to Available (H)(Perry, GA-ABC)

Channel Mapdown Changes:
7877 - WPGA EchoStar10 110W TP 18 Spotbeam 06 mapdown changed from 58 to 16 (A) (H)(Perry, GA-ABC)

Channel Renames:
125 - DANCE - EchoStar11 110W TP 01 ConUS beam renamed to ITV2 (A)
125 - DANCE - Nimiq5 72.7W TP 11 ConUS beam renamed to ITV2 (A)
9645(99) - ITV - EchoStar11 110W TP 10 ConUS beam renamed to CHASE (A)
9645(99) - ITV - EchoStar8 77W TP 29 ConUS beam renamed to CHASE (A)

Channels in the system: 6661
(A) = Available to subscribers
(NA) = Not Available
(H) = Hidden from non-subscribers


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Jan 12, 2007
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I know that digiblur has prob automated this process, but, even so, I feel sorry for him(or his equipment) to have to report these non-events like changing the Dance TUB channel to ITV2, etc....


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Nov 5, 2006
Northern California
Great CHASE has it own channel now can we say bank sell out?

You can say it even when it does not have its own channel.

But either way I am not sure what you mean ??

A "sell out" is when you fail to do your main task, in order to make money, but a bank's main task is to make money, so it does not make sense in that context.

PS Is there something unusual about Chase buying advertising on Dish Network ?

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