1st Gen Remote with 2nd Gen Hopper? (and some griping)


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Feb 2, 2013
I would like to start off by saying my wife and I have been very satisfied with Dishnetwork, as we've been a customer for more than 10 years now.

Recently we were experiencing a very sluggish hopper, and while we have a ton of shows on it already (50% full) and the thought of replacing it was cringeworthy, the sluggishness was just too much. We tried replacing remotes, but the sluggishness persisted. So finally we caved and called to replace.

Dish service came out, and he was great. He replaced the Hopper (Gen1?) with a newer Gen2 hopper. (he also offered the hopper with 16 tuners, Gen3? but at a cost) anyway we decided for the Gen 2.

At the time the service guy was there, he set up to transfer the previously recorded items from hopper to hopper. This process would take most of the day/night, so we did not really get into using the new hopper until he had already left. Well, this new 2nd Gen hopper is just as sluggish, if not worse? Not sure how could be possible, but there is such a lag with the user interface. It's so annoying.

Now on to my actual question, my wife and I are not a fan of the new remote! Where is the 'stop' button?! Huge pet peve, not being able to stop a dvr show and simply delete it. What am I missing? Also sometimes the option to delete something is not even an option! Must be a bug in the hopper...

anyway, my wife and I would like to use the Gen1 remote, is this possible with the Gen2 hopper?




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Apr 14, 2004
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In addition, you can go into the settings and customize the new remotes to assign different functions to the bottom left and bottom right buttons on the new remote. "Stop" is one of the functions you can add to those buttons. That was one of the first things I did when they added that customization option.

In regard to the speed, generally the "gen 2" Hopper as you referred to it is mildly faster than a Hopper 1. Not sure how long its been since your install, but they usually take 2-3 days to "settle in" after an install, so you might find things improve a little. For a real, noticeable, performance improvement, you'd need to make the move to a Hopper 3.

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