2 Recording questions that confuse me!

Better than a surge protector, put the Hopper on an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with surge protection built in. It cost me very little (< $100) to put in a small UPS that gives me a little over an hour of battery power. (Just my opinion--I'm not an engineer.)
Good morning from a very rainy central Kentucky.
First what I have: Hopper with sling and 3 Joey 2's. My big tv is connected to one of the Joeys.

1- When I select shows to record I use this tv and the Guide. I know that Hopper records and all the Joeys get the signal from it no matter which rooms they are located at. Tv screen shows that particular Joey had been selected. But, why? What difference does it make which Joey I am using to record?
Does this help the technician (whom I may need ) to find out what device (Hopper or Joey I use) is causing the issue if recording fails?

2- When I am away for vacations I have a habit of unplugging surge protectors on 3 tvs with Joeys. In case the lightning damages my equipment. The surge protector with last tv and Hopper stays on. It has to stay on if I want Hopper to keep recording. What is the common solution to protect those during bad weather (while I am gone)? Currently, I am using decent Amazon purchased protectors. Do I just take my chances or invest on a fancy dancy surge protector that does a better job?

Thanks for the input. G'day.
After I lost my air conditioner and half the power to my house, the electric company put a lightning rod on the power pole to my home. It stopped all the problems. You should probably look into having one installed before you lose something bigger than a Joey.
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