211K or 612 for 2nd Rx'er? (1 Viewer)

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Oct 12, 2009
between jobs
I am debating whether to pay the extra $3 a mo. and get the 612, or get the 211k and add EHD for DVR, anyone had experience with both?

Is the DVR function of the 211k solid, or is it jittery like playing an EHD movie on my 622 (when FF or RR).

Does either one come with RF remote? This will live in separate room and be controlled remotely.

I still have to pay the $35 to add DVR function (I assume) I have the EHD added to my account but I believe the 211 DVR feature is an extra charge.

They are coming Wed. to add EA ant. and switch my 622 to 722k.:)
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