211K Software Issue


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Apr 28, 2010
Midwestern USA
Getting ready to launch DISH via a digital QAM system. I don't typically worry about software on the 211k receiver as they update themselves, but I have a couple of 211k's that are showing a 069 software version. There is also no menu option for automatic updates. Anybody have an idea of how to force a software upgrade in this situation?
One can not force a Dish software update. They are spooled out in batches corresponding to the receiver's ID #. Generally take three to four weeks for all receivers to get.
Since there is no 069, hard to tell where OP is. Current version is L564, from October.
L069 is factory software on some new receivers, on initial install after exiting out of pointdish screen it should update to current version along with programming memory,etc. If still not updated I like the turn off for 5 minutes idea where it should show onscreen the software update.

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