2nd Tuner not working

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Sep 8, 2003
Sorry for the long question...

I just had DirecTV installed. 2 regular tuners and 2 H15-300's. One of the H15's is in a room where several years ago I had 2 cables run under the carpet from the outside wall to the inside wall where the TV is (one for cable-tv and one for the antenna on the roof) I never used the 2nd cable though. When the installer hooked up the H15 only one tuner worked and we figured it was the 2nd cable under the carpet that was the problem. I didn't want him trying to fish a new cable under the carpet so I was just going to run one down to the basement and back up through the floor to a spot behind the TV. Before I started drilling I decided to double check and make sure the jack at the wall was good. I ran a cable from the 2nd wall jack to the 2nd tuner input on the back of the H15. No signal. I swapped H15's and this one worked fine in the other room on both tuners and the one that was working now picked up only one tuner. Sounded like possibly the jack or the cable from the switch was bad. I ran a cable from the same output on the switch through and open window to the back of the H15 and still nothing. Now I figured I had a bad output on the switch. I unplugged one of the other outputs that I know worked and plugged in my temporary cable from there and still nothiing. I swapped the input cables for tuner's 1 and 2 and now nothing worked, switched them back and 1 was working fine (I'm not sure if tuner 1 has to work before 2 will work correctly). Any ideas as to why the 2nd tuner isn't working. I could be missing something very obvious, but it seems like I've tried all combinations. I'm sure it's best to call and have the installer come back and straighten it out, it's just bugging me that I can't solve this myself.



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Dec 15, 2004
You need to restart the R15...

If it didn't detect a signal on Tuner 2 at startup, it disables the tuner.
You need to restart it with a good signal on tuner 2 for it to see it.
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