322/522 For Non-DHP Customers ???


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Feb 15, 2004
I saw some discussion on this a while back, but not lateley: Will Dish activate a privately purchased 322 or 522 for non-DHP customers? Apparently they were for a while, but have since stopped. True?
There was a poster on DBS Forums Mr_G he had problems gettin his 522 activated but he or another poster contacted CEO@echostar.com and they got him up and running. As long as the EXECUTIVE OFFICES was good enough to take care of the customer I would assume they have put their blessing on selling them to non DHA customers.
I just got a 322 activated yesterday(non dhp).They told me at first that I could not activate it but I told them that I contacted the executive office before hand and they said if I found someone to sell me one as opposed to leasing it then I was more than welcome to activate it. After that they activated it with no problem.So first contact the executive office and get there ok then you should be good to go. CEO@echostar.com

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