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Had my 322 installed today. Installer not familiar with unit and he setup TV2 incorrectly using the TV1 output instead of TV2. Picture was great on CH3 of second TV though it was a mirror of main TV (using S-Video.)

Problem is, when I use the correct TV2 output from box I don't have a choice to use CH3 or CH4, only channels 21 and higher. Fine, but the picture suffers from so much snow and distortion on those channels that it is unwatchable. Can I use some type of amplifier to increase the signal? I thought the 322 had one built in?
Answer my own question. I had an old RatShack 20dB adjustable amp. Tried it and it worked. Picture is great.
I would not have thought that it would have required an amplifier to get a clear picture on those channels. It sounds like a wire may be bad or a connection may be loose.

I wonder what that installer was thinking? It does not seem that complicated to get one tv on one output and another tv on another output. That is a very simple thing for an installer to do. Obviously he was not trained well. I wonder how many installs it will take before he figures out what he is doing wrong then think back of all of those other installs he done that way.
I ended up going into the setup menu and adjusting the TV2 output to Ch. 21. The initial problem was the installer had connected my second TV to the TV1 output. My second problem was that the signal was not strong enough on the TV2 output therefore needing amplification. I was surprised by this because amplication was NOT needed when the second TV was connected improperly to TV1 output using Ch. 3.
According to Scott, and I quote: "The output for the second TV is unique in both units, first the modulator outputs an unheard of 10db of signal, enough to split the signal to all the TV's in your house with no loss." It seems a bit strange that it would need an amp. See link.

Stargazer said:
Maybe you got a bad 322.

Maybe, but how would I know? I bet if I used a shorter run of cable, less than the ~100ft I have now, it would work without an amp. I will test it out today.
How long is the wire run that you have now? I still think it should work without an amp without that much degrade in the picture quality as you have described as long as it was not several hundred feet.
Make sure cable is hooked into UHF not VHF

I only had male cable end on VHF and 2 screws on UHF side so I needed to ad adapter to UHF side now I get great picture but had symptoms very similar to yours I have TV2 set for channel 60.
Avoid Dish 322 like the plague if you intend to ever record anything with any device!

322 Receiver needs software modification, to eliminate incompatibility issues with non Echostar DVR units!
Screen Saver with Dish network Logo and Text (Push Select to Continue) pops up and gets recorded by my ReplayTV 5040 after daily Dish Network Software update and or every 4 hours if no remote control button is pushed. This Logo stays on screen and renders my ReplayTV 5040 TOTALLY USELESS.

I never had these ridiculous problems with my ReplayTV 5040 and Cable Company!
After more than 2 days and several calls to Dish Network Tech support, I may or may not have workable solution.
Whether this solution works or not it is very poor workaround at best.
I currently have 8 reminder timers (1 every 3 hours) set to simulate remote control activity, in order to keep the 4 hour inactivity screen saver from activating. Due to software updating Daily at 4:00 AM I had to set additional timer at 4:10 AM to keep from having screen saver started after software update.
This would be much preferred to my current workaround that may or may not work.

322 Receiver incompatible with non Echostar DVR units due to poorly written software!

Dishnetwork 322 Receiver unreliable poorly written software DVR Incompatible incompetent tech support!

322 Receiver incompatible with non Echostar DVR units due to poorly written software!
After 10:30 every night I become an unsubscribed user on TV1.
I never had these ridiculous problems with Roadrunner Cable Company!
I have found 1 individual who’s name needs to be mentioned as someone who goes the extra mile and is a highly recommended Customer Resolution Specialist Aimee Schweitzberger
Executive Office of Dish Network
1-866-680-1163 Ext. 47804
Email: aimee.schweitzberger@echostar.com

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