322 Receiver with Old Dish 500 setup?


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Sep 22, 2004
I just moved into an apartment that has a Dish 500 already installed. It is an older on with the 2 LNBs. I have a Dish 322 receiver and was wondering if it will wok with this setup. I want to be able to connect to 2 tvs.

Is it possible to combine the 2 cables from the 2 LNBs together into one using a SW21 or Pansat Diseqc into one output and use the separator that comes with the 322 to split the signals up to the receiver. This way I can use one of the the existing Comcast cabling (2 coax cables) to run to the receiver and the other to the second TV.

Any suggestion?

If you have the 2 separate LNBs (legacy) then you would need two SW21s and two cables to the 322, one to each sat. input. Check this link, then the second link from the bottom on that page: http://ekb.dbstalk.com/34

If you have the DP Twin with its dual outputs it would work OK as-is, but you would still need the two cables. You could instead replace the DP Twin or whatever you have with a DPP (Dish Pro Plus) Twin. That way you could use just the one cable and the separator, which only works with DPP equipment. Check out this link for more info on both of those models models: http://ekb.dbstalk.com/35#dual The DPP Twin would be a bit more expensive but it would save you from running the second cable to the 322, and it would allow you to connect a future 1- or 2-tuner receiver by just running a second cable to it. (You could also connect another 1-sat. wing dish to that DPP Twin.) I'd go that way, upgrade most everything to DPP.

Welcome, BTW...
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Thanks. By the way....has the 110 sat moved? This setup use to work just fine about 6 months ago and now, I can't get the 110.
nope, the satellite did not move ... its still floating around up there.... either a bad lnb or switch...
at previously posted.. the best thing to do would be to look around on ebay for a DPP Twin, then you'll be able to use the seperator... the seperator will not work with any of the DP or Legacy equipment

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