322 "Reset" Problem



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I have had the 322 for about 2 weeks now and 3 times I have powered ON to find Message 015 - Looking for Satellite, Step 0 of 5. The receiver just hangs there, never going to step 1-5. I need to pull the plug, wait about 5 seconds, power back UP and then the receiver completes all 5 steps.

Anyone else seeing the same thing? I am also getting a random power ON message that tells me I need to connect a phone line or be charged an additional $4.99, though not when I recieve the previous message.
322's have to have a phone line connected 24/7 or they will be charged the $4.99 additional outlet fee. That is what the phoneline message means,if you don't have a phoneline connected you will be charged the $4.99 duplication fee. The other problem seems to be the usual software bugs in all new DISH products.
I guess I don't fully understand the additional outlet fee. It is a single receiver even if it has two tuners. I'll be hooking up the phone line anyway. I hope my first problem is addressed since I need to move my cabinet to reach the power cord, pain in the arse.

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