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Apr 27, 2004

i'm setting up my 4 room system. i have one dish500 & a dish300 on my roof, both with dual lnb's (dish500 with 2 legacy dual lnb's & dish300 with dula lnb). i have 3 terk 3x4 switch's conntected to my each of my signals (1-119, 1-110 & 1-61.5). my first question is would TERK 3x4 switch work with dishnetwork system? now moving on, i have the following setup for each system. All of which are using the output of my 3x4 switch's.

system 1: (301)
119, 110 & 61.5 (using sw21 & sw21x)

system 2: (7200)
119, 110 & 61.5 (using sw21 & sw21x)

system 3: (3900)
119 & 110 (using sw21)

system 4: (522)
119 & 110 (not added yet, but will soon)

i would like to setup the above setup, just wondering if it is possible to do this. please let me know. if TERK is not the solution please let me know, what other switch i can use. at this moment i have system 1 & 2 setup through the TERK switch's however for some reason my 7200 doesnt seem to like it (it doesnt take the listing update and i requires my 301 to be turned on all the time. if it's disconnected 7200 looses signal). help me out.

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