4/6/04 Baseball Notes

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Sep 8, 2003
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So I have decided to watch about 6 different games tonight on MLBEI (free on dish until 4/11). I was watching the Houston vs San Francisco game where Andy Pettite (the Ex-Yankee Homesick boy) was pitching. Guess what? he got bombed! 6 runs in 5 1/3 innings. Even so, the Houston fans cheered him as he was leaving towards the dogout. If he has done the same in NY, we would have been booed. C'ommon Andy take the Houston Astros to WS but with performances like that I do not think you are going to far! :) Clements (the retire wannabe) is next tomorrow. Let's see if he can do something for the Houston Fans.

The Milwaukee Brewers are undefeated. Yes, the Milwaukee Brewers... The triple A team is undefeated... The NY Yankees and overated Mike Mussina were bombed again by the lowly Devil Rays. Talking about being bombed wasn't Randy Johnson bombed as well tonight!!! What happened to the Mets (who cares?). Matsui (NYM) had a good night in debut. So what are you BB notes for 4/6/04.
I'd like to shoot Octavio Dotel out of a cannon, or with a cannon.
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