4 min of SD during 2nd Quarter of OSU Mich


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Jul 29, 2005
Plain City, OH
Being an OSU Alumni, I had to watch the OSU Michigan game using my 921 OTA tuner to watch my local ABC affiliate WSYX 6.1. At the 10:14 sec time in the 2nd quarter the picture started shimmying. The picture then went to SD with the side bars for about 4 minutes. After the commercials the game resumed in HD. Did anyone else notice this. I am curious to find out if this was an ABC network problem, a channel 6 problem, or whether my DVR921 was at fault?
The problem must have been national. I am in Los Altos Hills, CA and the same thing happened here. I switched to the antenna and the SD problem was still there. Luckily it did not last too long. I have experienced the same type of temporary lapse of HD programming on other occasions, but I do not remember whether it has been on other stations or just on ABC.
It was interesting because the actual game went to SD but the bottom scroll stayed in HD. You could tell they were having issues as it was freezing and jumping. At least for me via OTA.
I can testify that the same problem happened in St. Louis, MO. Picture returned and it was very clear in the 4th quarter for the helmet to helmet penalty. I was watching OTA.