4k Box Grounded to AC outlet


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Jul 27, 2020
Installer came out and grounded a 4K box to an AC outlet. Is this necessary?
It does not matter if you connect your box to an AC or DC outlet. My HR44 and C51 (both of which aren't 4K boxes) are connected to power strips (an APC and GE power strip, respectively).
Also, have you always had that 4K box, or did you just get it as part of an upgrade?
And did you request that service call, or did the installer do that without permission?
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Actually the outlet is grounded because the white neutral wire is grounded at the breaker panel is it not?

Sorta, but not really. Since the neutral acts as a return path for circuits it isn't a true ground. Try using it as an audio ground and you'll see the problem.

I assume Directv is doing this because every other box has a coax connection which if installed according to their specs is grounded. Without coax the only way this box can get a ground is via the HDMI shield, so it will be grounded to whatever it is plugged into. So I'm not seeing what problem this is intended to address.

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