4K Joey Won't Wake Up without Resetting


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Jul 18, 2012
I have the Hopper 3 and one 4K Joey. I have the Joey connected to a Sharp TV with CEC turned on. At least 50% of the time, the Joey has to be reset (holding the power button down for 15+ seconds) after the TV has been off for an hour or more. I called Dish support and they put me through a routine of resetting my DSL modem, wireless access point, Hopper, and Joey. Of course, that fixed nothing. I have checked all of my connections. Has anyone else had this issue?
The light on the Joey does come on, but there's a blank screen. There is no message on the screen.
What software version is on the Joey, the Hopper itself and what does the Hopper show under available Joey software? There will be a series of numbers on that entry. How long have you had these installed?
Joey version is U485. The Hopper version is U506. The available Joey Software: W150 W204 U284 U485 U550. Both were installed February 2016.
Hmm, well the Hooper and Joey are behind by 1 version (507 and 486) but that shouldn't be an issue. I know software mismatches can cause that "black screen" issue and it's something running rampant in the new installs lately (although somehow, I managed to avoid these "issues" i keep reading about techs having......). SO it doesn't get stuck on refreshing when you power up or anything? My best uneducated guess is it's a problem with the Joey. Might be time to get a tech to come out and replace it

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