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Jun 30, 2004
Have a hopper 3 and am thinking about getting a 4K TV. How much 4k content is available on dish right now? Have looked at the dish web site and couldn't find a good answer. Also, most 4k tvs upscale all lower input to 4k. If you have a 4k tv, how does standard HD look on your 4K box. Is it as good as the HD set that the 4K tv replaced? Have read various reports on TV threads but there is little discussion about dish image quality.


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Dec 29, 2006
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4k upscaling is excellent. Dish 4k content is limited to some VOD some free some at a cost. Netflix 4k plays just fine through the app or channel 370. They did some of the Olympic 4k as provided by NBC. It's coming, but not really here yet with any available linear channels.


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Apr 6, 2012
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Was hoping it would be good as well. Planning on getting a good 4K during the holiday sales. Like a mid-end LG (can't afford OLED!) or Samsung SUHD. I do see an improvement in quality as compared to the lower priced 4K's you see. (not trying to open a debate, know there are dedicated threads for all this!).

I know there are select true 4K movies and that regular HD is upscaled. I also realize that there are considerations to take into account going from traditional HD to 4K in that (for some people) the picture may not be all that much of a "wow" improvement, TV size vs. viewing distance, and so on. Finger's crossed the pic quality will be good like patmurphey states in moving to 4K with Dish.

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