5 dollar phone line charge

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May 22, 2008
It is a charge for not having a phone connected to your dual tuner receiver. So that makes it a PHone line charge in my books. I don't see how anyone can charge for a second tuner. DIRECTV doesn't do it, neither does cable. It might be what DISH wants to politically call it but it is bull sh*t . You don't connect your phone line to your dual tuner and you get a $5.00 phone charge. It is also to prevent those who like to stack their account: share them with others for a fee. So why not call it the Stacking prevention fee? That makes as much sense as what DISH is calling it.
Maybe because neither DirecTV or Cable have a dual tuner box that can run two TVs so you end up paying the $5.00 charge whether it's plugged into a phone line or not (DirecTV 4 room = $15.00, Cable Company= Varies, Dish Network 4 Room $5.00 unless you want all single tuners, or don't have a phone line connected) Why does everyone see this as a bad thing??


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Sep 8, 2003
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Since you would need mpeg4 receivers to use the EA dish, the second tuner charge can be waived by hooking these receivers up via a dsl connection as well. Non-mpeg4 receivers cannot use this connection. Dish will not waive the charge if you don't have a landline.

Not true, 508 is plugged into my ATT DSL, with the filter on it, through my wireless phone system. (into the base)

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