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Nov 9, 2008
I know this question has been ask over and over but i cant seem to find it anywhere so please excuse me.
can a 5lnb directv slimline be used for Glorystar? dont realy care about anything else right now. and also need setup for Manhattan dsr 1500 for Glorystar... sory to be so green, I havn't kept up with this for years.

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Mar 28, 2007
Roseville, California
The simple answer is no. A DTV 5LNBF dish is not suitable for reception of Glorystar.

Standard DirecTV and Dish Network dishes are too small and are primarily designed for reception of high power DBS circular polarity signals in the frequency range of 12.2 - 12.75GHz (with exceptions, but this is a 10,000 foot overview). These systems are proprietary to reception of the respective services.

Glorystar requires a larger 36" dish for the lower power satellites, linear polarity LNBFs that receive a signal in the 11.7 - 12.2GHz frequency range.

Glorystar is an equipment solution to receive Christian channels from two satellites located at 97W and 101W and provide additional exclusive content and services with our unigue equipment. We would suggest that if you have questions regarding the programming and reception of these two satellites with equipment not provided by Glorystar, that this information would be best discussed in the FTA area.
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