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Jan 13, 2005
I have had a 301 for a couple of years and recently added a 501. The first thing I notices is the menu scrolls horribly slow compared to my trusty old 301. So much slower that I am considering replacing it with the 510 and paying the $5.00 a month. Has anyone else noticed a decrease in performance with the 501 or is my receiver "special" in some way. If so, is the 510 going to be any better for me or am I just destined to live with this poor quality.

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Sep 7, 2003
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The 501 stores the guide data on the hard drive, so it is reasonably fast. Do you shut off your receiver at night so that it can download the new guide info? Also, you can try resetting the unit (hold down the power button on the front panel until both the red and green LEDs light up).


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Nov 13, 2003
I have a 508 and it does not scroll fast by any means. My 811 scrolls 3 x as fast but it doesn't have the extended program guide that the 5XX receivers have.


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Sep 26, 2003
Let me lay this to rest. The 301/811 store the 2 day guide on ram. The 501/508/510 store the 9 day guide on the hard drive. Ram is much, much faster as accessing data than a hard drive. So obviously there's a difference in speed of the guide, considering one uses ram and only stores 2 days of data, while the DVRs use 9 days of data and a hard drive. It takes some getting use to, but there are a couple of tips. First use the skip back and skip forward buttons to skip in increments of 24 hours. You can also punch in a number, 6 for example, and hit the right arrow key, to go ahead 6 hours in the guide.

The only other thing I can say to help you is that the 721 DVR has a super fast guide. Faster than a 301/811. It's really nice. The 522/625 has even a slower guide than the 501 series DVRs, and Tivo, slower than that...

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