522 the right choice?


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Feb 25, 2004
Here is my setup:
HD Ready Samsung DLP TV Downstairs
Bedroom TV upstairs

I am dissapointed with the quality of my cable reception so I have gone to the dish. Went to directtv because of the NFL contract, but tree coverage negated them. I am hoping Dish Network will work out.
I got the 522 with the intention of running both TV's off of it. Here are my questions?
Will I be able to access shows I have taped from both TV's? Can I have PIP and still run two TV's?
Should I have them send me a HD reciever also. Use that on the big TV, and use the 522 to record upstairs? Then when I want to watch a DVR, flip to the input from the DVR reciever upstairs, and when I want HD flip to the one downstairs? Or is this all a pipe dream?
lucassmith@cox.net said:
...but tree coverage negated them. I am hoping Dish Network will work out.
Both DTV's and Dish's satellites are in relatively the same general location. If you had trees in the way for DTV you'll likely have the same issue with Dish.
I am doing all the things that you mention with my 522. Both tuners feeding main tv (pip). Also feeding tv in excercise room with tuner 2 (uses the rf remote).
Able to watch DVR events recorded on either tuner at each location. The only drawback for me with dual mode is not being able to access tuner2 from my main tv area. What I do is use a spare uhf remote from a 322 - however, it does not have all the dvr function keys. I probaby should be using my 811 remote for this purpose.
If you are unhappy with the cable signal on the Samsung you will probably be unhappy with DISH reception on it also. The 811 will give you the greatest chance of good pictures but DISH only offers 4 non premium services in HDTV and HBO & Showtime for premium services 6 channels may not satisfy you. The 522 has some definite bugs in it's software, you might be better off waiting till this summer before jumping into satellite. If you have trees you should wait until the crowns are leafed out before you install a system.
Thanks for the responses. Regular TV is frustrating on a HDTV. But HD is unbelievable. I guess I am in a technology gap between standard and HD. The bitch with my picture quality is that the box will only convert a standard signal to 480p. I think other boxes will bump it up to 408i or even 720i. As for the trees, I think I am screwed. They have had 200 years to grow around the house. Makes for nice privacy but bad sattelite reception. Unless I go behind them. . ...

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