54.0 Remote coming

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted yet. Didn't see anything on it.


    We’re excited to announce our newest remote — the 54.0 Remote with Voice! This new remote will launch soon. Development of the 54.0 Remote with Voice was based on feedback from DISH Subscribers and provides various benefits over our previous remotes.

    For Existing Customers, the 54.0 Remote will be a standalone product available for purchase with an MSRP of $22. For New Customer Installs, the 54.0 Remote will be packed out with the Hopper® 3, the Hopper® 2, Hopper, and all Joey® receivers.


    -A voice command feature for searching, changing channels and many other functions.
    -Remote button back lighting for easy remote navigation in low light.

    • New and Existing Subscribers with a Hopper® 3, Hopper® 2, Hopper, and all Joey® receivers.
    • For voice commands to function, the customer’s receiver must be connected to the Internet.
    • Requires the Hopper Carbon User Interface.
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  3. One hell of an incentive for new customers!
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  4. Yet we were just told all Joeys will still have the 52..... smh
  5. What does the remote 54.0 look like?
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  6. This is from a dish commercial, I'm assuming the one on the left is the 54. IMG_0185.JPG
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  7. I found this on line couple of weeks ago. Not sure how accurate it is.

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  8. You can have it but I'll stick with the 40.0 as it is still the best remote.
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  9. I completely agree, 40.0 remote is awesome. If it just had back-lighting for all the buttons it would be a superior remote. I use both 40.0 and 52.0 remotes. The TV location that I use the 52.0 I have a 21.0 standing by that I do grab from time to time. :)
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  11. Oops. What google brought up.
  12. Now if my Harmony had a microphone I would be set!
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  13. So, if the 50 has voice and the 54 does also. What is the difference?
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  14. Look at the pics in post #5 & 6. Basically the 50.0 remote has a touch pad to do lots of navigation, which is why I don't care for it. The 54.0 touch pad has click buttons to get around. I can't wait to get one.
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  15. The 50 remote is being discontinued
  16. ...which hopefully means a price drop. Or is Dish just really low on stock of the 50 remote to begin with?
  17. It’s just a guess but the touchpad was really hard to maneuver and I bet a lot of people complained about it
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  18. Yep, didn't like that there touch pad. I think the 54.0 looks pretty nice. Time will tell.
  19. Does it have learning ability? Neither my Living room receiver or bedroom soundbar were available without learning. If it does not have learning I better stock up on 40 remotes.
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  20. The 50.0 voice remote has the learning ability. I would bet the 54.0 does too.
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