6/21 HD Cinema Premiere Movies

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Sep 8, 2003
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Cinema (105):
Gidget Goes Hawaiian ** (1961, Comedy)​


The pert California girl (Walley takes over from Dee) and her family take Hawaii by storm. With her rad surfing technique and perky good looks, Gidget attracts lots of boys--causing problems.

HD Cinema Gunslingers(109):
Lust for Gold **+ (1949, Westerns)

A woman schemes to kill her husband in an effort to win the riches of the famous Lost Dutchman gold mine

Cinema (105):
Ride the Wild Surf **+ (1964, Action / Ad)


A classic surfing flick starting with a clambake in late December and a super surf contest to see who is the king of surf.

HD Cinema Gunslingers(109):
Arizona **+ (1940, Westerns)​


Arthur has the right spirit for a woman struggling to settle in the lawless frontier of 1860s Arizona. She dallies with Holden, but then gets down to business despite Indian attack and shady dealings. Academy Award Nominations: Best (Black-and-White) Interior Decoration, Best Original Score.
When I was a kid I loved watching those Gidget movies but I like the Dee ones better. I also like all the Beach Party movies with Frankie and Annette which Voom has shown at least one of lately. I have several of those on DVD.

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