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Over the past few days:
Black Panther - Amazon VoD (on sale for $2.99) - I'm probably the last person to see this. lol
X-Men: Days of Future Past - recorded on FX - I hadn't seen it in a while
Get Out - HBO Now - caught it just before it expired from the service during a free trial month :)
"Ready Player One" on Amazon VoD during a $2.99 sale last weekend. I had recently read the book and was not disappointed with the movie version. Lots of changes from the book, but they worked for the purposes of a two-hour film. Fun stuff.
The Interview starting Hugo Weaving is on Netflix, his first major role I believe. He's a man accused of something terrible trying to convince the police of his innocence.
I recently watched Deadpool 2 (Super Duper Cut - Unrated Version) on HBO. It's weird that it's showing that it expires from the service on June 2, whereas the theatrical version has no expiry date listed for it. At any rate, loved the movie! And now I'll never know what I would've missed if I had watched the theatrical version instead.
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Weird this in TV but whatever, also watched Deadpool 2 unrated this week, and The Meg. I was entertained. Cancelled HBO so trying to knock out a few before the sun ends. Might watch Rampage tonight.
I've dropped Netflix temporarily to keep HBO around for another month to catch up on other TV shows and movies.

I checked out Tomb Raider this week. It was okay, but the installment of the video game series it is loosely based on was better.
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Rim of the World on Netflix, it's like Nickelodeon and Syfy teamed up and tried to combine Meatballs 2 and Independence Day, if that sounds fun then you'll love it. It tries very hard to be edgy and offensive. The characters are way over the top. It's fun and exciting dumb trash.

Resident Alien on SyFy

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