The Last of Us (HBO)

They said next episode 9 will be the end of the season. Talk bout a short season. So two more shows.
Correct, 9 total episodes, but this past week was just episode 6 so there are three more to go. Also, remember there have been some long run times for some of these episodes (ep 1 was 81 mins, ep 3 was 76 mins). Total season run time is 524 mins. So if it was a 10 episode "normal season" that would be an average of 52.4 mins. I think that is one of the best things about HBO, they don't require their show runners to fit within a specified time window per episode. They let them tell the story with breaks that make sense.
I am getting the feeling that this tv show will slow walk the story to keep it on the air like Walking Dead did. After a while I always lose interest if it stays mired in the story with no real pay off. :confused:
No, they have said that this season fully covers the first game so I don't think we have any concerns about that. The second season however could be all or part of the second game. Who knows. Again, I haven't played either, but I hear that there is enough material in the second game that it could easily span two seasons because it is much longer than the first game. But I think we are looking at total of no more than 3 total seasons.
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Watched Season 1 finale last night and we really enjoyed it. Very much looking forward to season 2