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I've just now started watching this. I'm watching the second episode now. A lot of the critics are upset by the "timing" of the release(because of the recent mass shootings), but I don't thibk that there would EVER be a "right time."
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I'm three in so far. A lot of back stories to to juggle, but they all seem to have a connection to long end or the story. Bernthal is great.
Up to episode 5 so far, I could binge watch this all night. It's hard to believe that this is a Marvel's series without the Wooooooooooooo you'd expect from heroes with powers or costumes.
Finally finished episode 13.
I just finished the series. I was not a Punisher fan, but this series took me away from the Marvel Universe/ Super Hero setting and hooked me in. I am a Desert Shield/Storm veteran so I tend to avoid shows that have this conflict as their main topic. I had no problem enjoying this series.

Maybe they should do another Defenders with Frank Castle as part of the group, & have an all-star cast of villains like Kingpen, Bullseye, & Billy Russo/Jigsaw, plus others. I can just imagine Frank Castle having a severe personality conflict with [Netflix'] Iron Fist, & Luke Cage in the background saying, "Sweet Christmas."
Finally finished. VERY GOOD, though I think they could have cut the fake blood budget in half. Definitely the most violent of the Marvel/Netflix series. Plot, characters and cast were strong. Bernthal was born for the role! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Up there with Daredevil and Luke Cage.

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