6000 now includes the 8vsb module

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Sep 8, 2003
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I ordered the 6000 yesterday and because I was considered an "Exclusive Customer" it only cost me $149. It is to be installed on Monday. I was on the phone with the CSR for 40 minutes arguing that some customers were receiving the 8VSB module when they paid for a full year of the new HD package. She went back and forth talking with a supervisor and the end result was that I would NOT receive the 8VSB module. I went ahead and let them fill the order anyway.

I called back today and asked again if I would be receiving the 8VSB with my receiver. The CSR said that they had received a memo stating that the 6000 will now be shipped with the 8VSB. Do to all kinds of misleading information I was still skeptical, so I decided to call back 2 more times and received the same response that the 6000 WILL include the 8VSB module.

What can I say other than I am now receiving a 6000, which includes the 8VSB module and free installation, for $149 and no yearly commitment. This was a good day. :D
I have been a customer with E* for 5 years and have subscribed to the AT150 package and locals for 2 years.
Actually if you ask them they will include the 8VSB for no extra charge (This change took place on the 20th) :)

Just remember to ask. :D
Is installation required on the 6000?

Will I really have to take a day off work so I can teach somone how to plug in the 6000 like I did when I bought the 501?
There are some idiots who are currently bidding a loaded 6000 on Ebay for OVER $400!

They really need to read these forums!

I guess they do not want to wait a few weeks for a 811!

I just got the deal, including the 8vsb for $149. I even made sure by talking with the verification guy. I know the limitations of the 6000 but for $149 I really don't think I can go wrong.
A friend of mine that has had Dish Service for 3+ years called. They offered him the deal for $149 and it included the 8VSB. Now he just needs to talk to his wife.
Well you sure have to be persistent.....

The first CSR said receiver was $499.......and 8vsb was extra...
then he set me on hold and came back with $199, but 8vsb was $149 extra.....I told him others were getting 6000 for $149, and free 8vsb, he came back and said yes 6000 special offer was $149, and 8vsb was free with $8 shipping....

But it gets worse again, after being connected with Sales, the Sales Rep said at first 8vsb was not free, and now insists the offer is $199 with free 8vsb. She has checked a couple of times and gets $199. I've asked about offer for "exclusive" customers, and finally she finds it, but says I don't qualify, even though I've been AT150 customer with autopay for almost 3 years.

EDIT: I forgot to add that the Sales Rep tried to tell me that I was getting a $500+ receiver for $199 which was a good deal. I mentioned that the receiver was not a new receiver, nor new technology, and the new 811 was $399, so representing might be stretching it a bit.

I've been on the phone and "hold" for over 45 minutes now. I'm now talking with the Sales Floor Supervisor. I cant' understand what in my account makes me an inferior customer. He claims the exclusive offer are done on a RANDOM basis each quarter.

Finally, after 52 minutes , the Sales Floor Supervisor agrees to give me the receiver for $199 less $50 adjustment. Going back to original Sales Rep now. Have to agree to HD package, but no commmitment. HD package will start charging when I activate receiver. On hold now, while Sales rep gets code for adjustment. 59 minutes and ticking.......

Finally, after just over an hour, I have 6000 on the way.....WHEW...

By the way, I had option of 6000 being sent to me, or having it installed. I suggested that since it was just a receiver, that I could install. So, that is what is happening....
They should be able to tell you what qualifies you as an exclusive customer. My guess is you were close as a top 150 customer for almost 3 years, that is why they gave you the deal.
I was shocked when the Sales Floor Supervisor claimed the "exclusive" customer label was a random thing done each quarter.

I questioned him and he said yes, it was random.

I still am....well..... very surprised....
I have a follow-up with Dish and it isn't very pretty....

Well, after spending an hour on the phone yesterday (see earlier post), and getting Dish twice to give me the $149 price, I called today for my UPS shipping number. They are not shipping me the receiver!

Supposedly, the sales supervisor who got the final approval yesterday is supposed to call me back and tell me that shipping will not ship my receiver out at $199 less $50 discount. Why he didn't call yesterday or today is beyond me. I am extremely unhappy with Dish and this whole HD thing. Apparently, after Sales Manager getting approval, shipping won't ship with the $50 discount.

Guess I'll have to wait for the Floor Sales Manager to call. This is ridiculous!
Write CEO@echostar.com let them know your not happy.

Should I tell Charlie that Scott at www.Satelliteguys.us sent me? :)

Thanks for writing.....I am SOOOO unahppy with Dish right now.....I wanted to get HD so much, and have been following HD on online forums, and following you here (and recommending others here too !)

But, good grief......on the phone of an HOUR on Monday, having to explain to first CSR, that no, the 6000 wasn't $499, but now $199. And then explaining that online sites such as www.satelliteguys.us had many getting it for $149. First CSR, and then Floor Sales Manager agreed that my almost 3 years of AT150 and flawless payment record would get me the 6000 for $149.

And now this.......Shipping apparently blocks the deal......After all this wait for I'm about to just give up on Dish and go Directv. Really, this is not what good customer service should be all about, especially when I've been such a good customer and was about to add $10 a month to my bill!

Thanks for your suggestion, and your great new forum!

EDIT: Sent letter to CEO@echostar.com. I'll let you know how this comes out.....I am really, really frustrated at how long the transaction took yesterday, and now even more so, with shipping refusing to ship!


Thanks so much for your suggestion.

It looks like my problems have been taken care of in a most customer-friendly way! The Dish customer service I encountered by using your suggestion was excellent!

Thanks again,


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

P.S. I understand that ANYONE who owns a 6000 receiver can ask for a 8vsb module and get it for just the shipping charge. :)

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