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Oct 29, 2005
I currently have 2 recievers a 211 run to one TV, and a VIP 622 ran to my main TV, HDMI connected. My switch display is DPP Twin, Twin 1, Twin 2, Twin 3. TV 2 states channel 73. I would like to run another TV off of the 622 and for it to recieve seperate channels. Since it is a dual tuner. Could I do that RG6 in the distribution 21-68 output. SD is fine since it is a smaller TV. Thanks for any advice.



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Mar 13, 2005
That's correct. Run a cable from the Home Dist port to TV2. Screw it intoTV2. Check the TVs menu and make sure it set on cable/CATV signal type. Set TV2 to channel 73.
Do you have a TV2 remote control? You'll need it to control TV2, and the little antenna on the back of the dual tuner needs to be in place. The TV2 remote control may need to be coded to the receiver
To do that:
- take TV2 remote to where the dual tuner is.
- Turn TV1 on.
- Press and release power button on recvr once.
- press chnl up button on box once - System Set Up Screen
- press/hold clear SAT button on TV2 remote until all clear buttons lite up
- press 02 - # - then the red record button.
- remote code for TV2 should reflect 2 on screen
- use TV1 remote - select 2x
- take TV2 remote to TV2 see if changes channels

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