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Aug 24, 2006
This doesn't happen often, only twice so far, but it just started recently. When I connect a hard drive my 622 shows that no external hard drive is connected. I unplug everything from everywhere and try again and still not detected. I try another hard drive and it also won't be detected. Then after a couple of minutes of it being unplugged I try again and they are both detected. Also, I hooked up one of the hard drives to a different receiver right after the 622 said it was not detected and it worked on the other receiver. They are WD hard drives with no sleep mode. A problem with my 622?

EDIT: I should add I'm sure the power cable works because I can hear the hard drive powering on. I'm also sure it's not the USB cable because there's I have two different ones and neither works at that time. And this only happens when I connect the hard drive, never happened while the hard drive remains plugged in.
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Nov 18, 2003
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As you found you can usually get the EHD to be recognized by powering if off and back on.
Sometimes the receiver will be confused and will require a reboot to recognize any drive.
That is most likely to happen with a momentary power loss or USB disconnect.


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Jun 19, 2010
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Those are the symptoms my Seagate EHD exhibited. When I ran the Seagate diagnostics on it they program indicated the drive had failed and generated an RMA so I could do a warranty exchange.

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