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May 3, 2007
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I've had my 622 for a few years now. Last week when I turned on my TV I saw the dreaded "Hard Dive failure" message on my screen. I have an ehd, but there were still quite a few shows on the dvr. I re-booted the dvr, and everything seemed to be working ok. A couple of days ago I noticed that I had 0 shows showing up in my dvr, but saw that I only had 7 hours of space left (7 hours was about right). Pause, rewind..was working when watching live tv, so I knew the HD was still working. Re-booted, got the the hard drive failure message again, re-booted, everything was ok. I'm guessing that my receiver won't last much longer.

I can get a 722k, but that would mean I would have to re-up for another 24 months. Any other options?


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Sep 20, 2005
I had a similar problem with my 622 months ago, which would also be a few software updates ago. What cured it was always keeping at least one title on my ehd (I always have my ehd powered up). It's only seconds long but my problems ended after that.

However, it may well be a hard drive going bad so moving everything to external is certainly a priority.

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