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Jul 2, 2010
Well recently my Mom upgraded to HD, she was previously on a DISH 500 (110/119.) Now she's on a 1000.4 (the black dish, looks pretty neat) EA (61.5/72.7/77.) I've been on a 1000.2 WA (110/119/129) for quite a while now. We both live in a dual-arc DMA, only difference being that WA has SD locals of the Big Four as well as HD. There was a list a while back ago of DMAs that would be installed WA by default or EA if no LOS to WA ( http://www.satelliteguys.us/dish-network-forum/235590-20-dmas-moving-back-western-arc.html .) We happen to live in one of those DMAs.

Long story short, I have a few questions: 1.) Any idea why my Mom was moved to EA? There is a single tree that could possibly block 129, but I'm not so sure it really would have blocked it. 2.) Do installers carry both WA and EA equipment in dual-arc locations? 3.) Do they still have the WA preference in the DMAs on that list? 4.) Will DISH ever pull any stunts similar to the whole 61.5/110/119 fiasco where they pull locals from one Arc?

Not complaining in the least, everything went nearly perfectly, signal strength is great on both installs, I have 2 722Ks she has 1 722K. I am mainly just curious if at some point in the future DISH will pull dual-arc DMAs for a single Arc.

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1. possible line of site issues
2. Minneapolis is also a dual arc and I've seen both WA & EA new installs even though WA is preferred. A neighbor in the townhouse complex just got a EA install (no LOS issues on either arc)
3. last I checked yes
4. I doubt it. In alot of the dual arc cases the spotbeams for both arcs only cover that particular area. As example the 61.5 spotbeam covers basically MN. All the other markets in MN except for Mankato (which is only CBS & Fox..the other missing locals come from Mpls) are on WA already so why chuck channels off a spotbeam that only works in that market?


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Dec 29, 2010
Hi, the exact installation used can be determined by the technician on site for the installation. If the tech thought the tree near the 129 he may have decided that the better line of sight was the eastern arc. Tech's who install in a Dual-Arc DMA areas can have both dishes available with them when installing. DISH Network does currently have DMA's which are only available on 1 Arc. These would limit the installation choices.

DISH Network use to have all the HD content mirrored off the 129 on the 61.5, so any installs with a NLOS for the 129 could be set up on the 61.5 as an alternate. Broadcasting HD channels like this was not the best use of our bandwidth so DISH Network is not placing all accounts on either an Eastern Arc or Western Arc but we are doing away with the hybrid installations.

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