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Dec 14, 2004
Hayward, CA
I am finally jumping on the bandwagon and upgrading from my 811 to a 622. They are doing the install this weekend. Here is my setup.

The 622 will connect to the family room downstairs (TV1) and I plan to connect a second TV in the master bedroom upstairs (TV2). The 622 will be neatly hidden inside my cabinet, so no IR signals can go through. From what I have read the 622 has one IR remote and a second UHF remote which I plan to use for TV2.

A few questions for those in the know.

Is there a way to convert the remote for TV1 to UHF? Can I just keep my 811 remote like one member did? I heard it works fine with the 622. Won't they look for it when you return the 811?

I have an OTA on my roof. The OTA signal and satellite signal is duplexed going to the TV1. But now that I will be connecting to TV2, will there be enough space on my coax cable to run the satellite signal, the OTA signal and the signal going to TV2? Like the others have said, I do believe the OTA signal is much better than the one they provide with the satellite. But given that I only have one coax run, is this feasible?

More power to this forum and to E*. I hope they continue to add more HD channels.
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