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Jun 4, 2008
Huron, SD
Here is the situation: Currently I have 2 tuners both of which are in a closet in my basement. One tuner is DVR that feeds one TV in our living room upstairs by UHF remote. The other tuner is a non DVR that feeds 3 televisions one in the basement for the kids and one in our kitchen and the other in my office which is in an addition in our house also controlled by a UHF remote.

I am now putting a home theatre in my basement feeding the signal to a projector through a home theatre receiver. This will replace the kid's TV downstairs.

My question is this: Can the 622 receiver have both tv1 and tv2 controlled by UHF remotes? And how?

TV1 will be the HD signal feeding my home theatre and my main viewing television in my living room upstairs. TV2 will be a standard signal feeding the kitchen and the office. Thanks for the help!

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