622 Signal Loss error/Audio Drop/Diagnostics (1 Viewer)

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Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Dec 4, 2003
Does anyone have this issue? it only does it when I am playing back a show.

Several times during playback i message comes up and says part of the recording lost due to signal loss, then a loud 2 sec buzzing noise arrives.

My wife is gonna kill me, they just got the major bugs outta the 942 and a swap it out for this?

I have Dish 1000 129/119/110 110 and 119 peak in the 110's and 129 peaks at 92

I am thinking maybe a hard-drive problem or just a software bug.

How do I run diagnostics on the harddrive when I go to the diag screen the Hard Drive option is grayed out and I cant select it?
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Pub Member / Supporter
Pub Member / Supporter
Nov 25, 2003
Nederland , Texas
I have been getting lost locks in the 9's and 10's on both of my tuners , in the diagnostics screen on both of my 622's. I don't get the signal loss screen much at all on any of my recordings . I wonder if this means anything or if this is normal to have lost locks?
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