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Sep 4, 2004
Got software version 511 on my 622 today, and discovered I can no longer lock out several channels including channels 9900 and 9901. Called Dish tech support and was told this was an intentional change -- that we are supposed to use "favorites" to block out channels and "lock outs" only for channels with supposedly 'questionable' programming.

I told the tech I use locks instead of favorites so that I still see new channels when they go live and also so that I can get free previews every month without having to manually add and delete them. I was told I was out of luck -- that this is a permanent change so that tech support has "one less thing to handle" when troubleshooting calls by having customers unhide locked channels.

I think this is foolish.... any other comments? Any idea how to get the word to Dish that this is not a good thing?

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Jun 9, 2004
I agree, the ability to lock out certain channels is a much stronger concept than building a favorites list. It is the only way that I can force my wife to tune the HD version of a channel rather than the first occurance of a channel number. When I try to accomplish the same thing with a favorites list, my wife always cycles through to the ALL channels list.

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May 22, 2008
Not only are channel locks great for the reasons you have mentioned already, but also outstanding for search results! I like free movies, and don't want to pay for premium channels (I'm cheap, what can I say), so I lock out all the channels I don't get, including PPV channels. Then when I do a search, I only get results from the channels I'm subscribed to, not all the other BS.
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