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Divine-HD: The Gay Deceivers **+ (1969, Comedy)


Summary: It's the '60s. The Vietnam War is raging. And Danny Devlin and Elliot Crane are out to dodge the draft. What are two straight boys to do? Claim they're gay, of course! Danny and Elliot have no intention of giving up their heterosexual lifestyles... that is, until suspicious Colonel Dixon starts spying on them. To throw him off the trail, Danny and Elliot move into an all-gay L.A. apartment complex, where their lives are turned upside down! The pair hilariously tries to pull off the deception, despite surprise visits from parents and girlfriends and a flamboyantly gay landlord who pops in at the most inopportune times. Among the best of the sixties gay-themed films, this nearly lost comedy remains relevant today, raising many important social issues with grace, compassion and wit.

Cinema (101): Falling From Grace *+ (1992, Drama)


Aspect ratio 1.85 : 1

Summary: Jetting in from Los Angeles, singer Bud Parks and his wife Alice, return to his Indiana hometown to celebrate his grandfather's 80th birthday. But once there, Bud immediately returns to the wild ways of his youth, putting his marriage in jeopardy.

HD Cinema (104): Jersey Girl ** (1992, Romance)


Aspect ratio 1.85 : 1

Summary: Toby (Jami Gertz) is a New Jersey girl looking for love--and since she hasn't been too successful with the local boys, she's decided to try her luck in the Big Apple. So when she crashes her well-worn Beetle into a brand new Mercedes, she realizes that this may be her chance to meet Mr. Right. The Mercedes belongs to Sal (Dylan McDermott), a high-powered businessman who could make all of Toby's dreams come true. Unfortunately, Sal already has a girlfriend, and in any case, he's not too thrilled with this pushy lower-class gal. But appearances aren't everything, as Sal and Toby will discover together after a long and difficult courtship.

Show-HD East: The Italian Job 8pm EST

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