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Mar 2, 2005
Hello I bought an Echstar 7200 Receiver form eBay and it has a clean history. :)

When I bought the Receiver seller told me it works fine and he gave me seven days to return the item if it doesn’t work. So i wonder if some one can tell me what to do with the problem I am haveing with the receiver. :confused:

(The problem is when I plug the receiver in the green light flashes and the hard driver Runs but I get no video/pitcher and 5min later every thing turns off. I first used RCA OUT Puts for Video and not much there until I pull the card out and put it back in to reset then I see a blue screen for a second and then back to black. Then I tried with Coax cable nothing happens no flicker or blue screen.)

So dose this sound familiar any one and can it be fixed .
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